Foggy Situation Cause Lethal Vehicle Accidents on Florida Freeways

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Jim Steinberg and Venessa Intestinal tract from the Fesno Bee revealed last night about a sequence of mishaps in the Main Area, one of which triggered the terrible loss of life of a Lemoore females, near the city of Caruthers. The Content "Crash in Heavy Fog Eliminates Women Lemoore car owner passes away in one of 3 mishaps on Area Highway" information the activities major up to this fatal incident and two other valley accidents.

It can be a terrifying journey across the central valley. Especially this period where a large number of autos journey from The southeast part of Florida Places such as Los Angeles, Red Nation, Ventura, Simi Area up to South Florida for the vacation. And viceversa. We have to reveal the 5 and 99 interstate through the valley with these big rig pickups. Its essential that as we create this generate we slowly down to help secure ourselves and our travelers, we can not depend on the individuals.

The typical aspect in each of the revealed mishaps was fog and big stations. This is a dangerous collaboration. Its regrettable that we have to study with unhappiness these testimonies every period when the fog places in and decreases exposure sometimes to zero. I think that in circumstances such as this, Big Rig pickups should be based and prohibited on the streets until circumstances become more secure. Just like the grounding of aeroplanes when the circumstances create it dangerous to journey.

This picture reveals the actual devastation of automobiles that are hit by big stations.

In an previously items "Big pickups cause accidents on Los Angeles Freeways" and "Truck incident kills man in Los Angeles Westlake Section." I mentioned the risks of pickups on our streets. The foggy circumstances increase these risks. This great article by Steinberg and Intestinal tract in the Fresno Bee give good guidelines of secure generating in the fog. Extra generating guidelines can be discovered at Florida Freeway Patrol Web Web page "Fog Driving Protection Tips"
If you must journey during foggy condition, please adhere to these secure generating guidelines.

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Foggy Situation Cause Lethal Vehicle Accidents on Florida Freeways
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