Yamaha Rhinocerous - Faulty and Risky ATV producing injury

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The Yamaha Rhinocerous, a side-by-side all landscape automobile, has triggered several injuries, amputations, and fatalities throughout Florida. Individuals are generating these Rhino’s in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Red Nation, may be unacquainted with its risks.

Consumer Reviews constantly review on the harmful characteristics of these Yamaho Rhinocerous ATV's and loss of life, damage and devastation of family members these injuries are producing. These are dangerous items and the public needs to be aware and power Yamaha to appropriate these risks. Without action, Yamaha will keep produce dangerous items and the ones will keep experience serious injuries and loss of life.

The problem with the Yamaha Rhinocerous is its susceptible to tip over and seriously harm its residents. The design is defective in that its top-heavy, alarmingly filter monitor size, high middle of severity, insufficient rim extender, guiding geometry that causes rollovers and tip overs at low connections and on even landscape. Furthermore many have weighty company precious metal jiggle crate that have no protection cushioning, deficit of doorways, leg protects, or other enclosures to secure residents, deficit of handholds for travelers, and defective limit systems.

The most common process of damage is the Rhinocerous showing over and its weighty jiggle bar mashes the leg, base, arm or hand of the tenant. These injuries are often result in the need for medical procedures and/or amputation, departing many with lasting scarring damage and problem.

The Halpern Law Firm is currently engaged in this lawsuit. If you or your cherished one has been damaged in a tip over incident while generating in a Yamaha Rhinocerous, you are welcome to contact us for a free appointment.

Yamaha Rhinocerous - Faulty and Risky ATV producing injury
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